360° Product Spins Integration Instructions

Follow the instructions below in order to integrate a 360° product spin into your product pages.

The following instructions are based on a website using the popular WordPress CMS but the method will not vary much between the different website backends.

Method 1: Insert the integration code into the product page

Step 1 – Login to your Client PortalOnce we’ve produced your 360’s, you’ll receive an email with a unique link and password to access your Client Portal

Step 2 – Find the product that you want to embed

Step 3 – Click “Copy iframe HTML” to copy the integration code to your clipboard

Step 4 – Login to your website backend (WordPress in this example) & Edit the product page

Step 5 – Paste the embed code into the page where appropriate – you need to switch to Text mode so that the code is not modified by WordPress

Step 6 – View the page on your website to verify that the integration is working